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Triton Chair

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Triton Ergonomic Swivel Chair

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The Triton chair incorporates the most recent ergonomics design. Its versatile adjustable features allow the chair to be ergonomically adapted for children and teenagers, the 5 to 18 year old age group.


  • The seat is adjustable to a low height of 34cm and the seat depth and backrest height accordingly for small children as young as four year olds.
  • The continuous adjustment of the seat height, seat depth and backrest height allows the Triton to literally grow with the child into her teenage years.



Ergonomics of the Triton Chair

Seat Height Adjustment

Seat height has an adjustable range of 34-47cm and is adjusted correctly when thigns are at a right angle with the lower legs and forearms rest parallel on the table top. Use a footrest or a ideally height adjustable table. If the seat height is adjusted correctly, the pressure is evenly distributed on the thighs and the buttocks, reducing the strain on the lower back.


Seat Depth Adjustment

The seat depth has an adjustable range of 29-39cm. Adjust the seat depth according to the length of the thighs. Allow for a gap of 3-4cm between the edge of the seat and the inner side of the knee of the child when she is seated with her back resting against the backrest. This important for blood circulation and reduces the risk of cramps while seated for long periods.


Backrest Adjustment

The backrest is height-adjustable with a range of 10cm to supports the back of the child. Adjust the backrest in such a way that the backrest has contact with the back of the person sitting in upright position. The depth of the seat should be completely used without the feet being lifted from the floor. In such a position, the spinal column is best supported. Then you are sitting without a round back because the natural double-S contour of the spinal column is supported in each sitting position.


1. Seat height adjustment
Pull lever – higher = discharge the seat
Pull lever – lower = charge the seat
2. Adjustment of seat depth
Open handwheel underneath the seat. Push back forward or backward and look handwheel.
3. Backrest height adjustment
The Backrest has to be adjusted to the child ́s body height. Press the button (3) of the backrest and move the backrest to the right position. Leave the button and let the backrest snap in.

Technical Details

Seat height: 34-47cm
Seat depth: 29-39cm
Backrest adjustable range: +10cm
Base: Star-shaped steel
Cushion: PU+Mesh or Elastic fabric
Castors: hard floors and soft floors
Warranty: 2 years

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Triton Chair

Triton Chair

Triton Ergonomic Swivel Chair

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